About Us

The Wakesurf Style company was founded by wakesurf enthusiasts for wakesurf enthusiasts.  We understand the passion of this sport, always looking for an opportunity to get out on the boat and catch a wave.

You can usually find us out on the water, surfing year round in the PNW when weather, water level and schedule permit.  

Wakesurfing in the PNW

You can read more about our journey into wakesurfing in the blog:

Peek into Wakesurf Style: Who is Wakesurf Style

We hope you enjoy our product offerings and it is always great to hear from other wakesurf enthusiasts. You can contact us at info@wakesurfstyle.com or our Contact Us page.

So surf's up, go catch the endless wave!

-Wakesurf Style Team

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And remember to always Wake Responsibly!