Wakesurf Style Brand Ambassador Program

Wakesurf Style is looking for competitive wakesurfers to join the Wakesurf Style family as a brand ambassador.  See complete program info below.

If you are interested in becoming a Wakesurf Style Brand Ambassador please email: info@wakesurfstyle.com

Mandatory Requirements to Apply:

  • Must have an active social presence on Instagram
  • Instagram should be public (unless valid reason is provided)
  • While we will sometimes make exceptions for someone who has great potential, generally, we are looking for ambassadors with a minimum of 1000 followers
  • Currently competing in wakesurf competitions


The Perks:

  • Complimentary set of Wakesurf Style products
  • Personal discount
  • Friends/Family/Followers discount
  • Exclusive access to potential product ideas
  • Opportunities to have your photos posted + account shout outs on our social media pages to assist in growing your following
  • Opportunities to volunteer at future events

Expectations/Monthly Requirements as an Ambassador:

  • Create brand-related content featuring Wakesurf Style apparel and accessories on your Instagram account
  • We require at least 4 posts a month (more if you want)
  • Can be photos or videos (please note Instagram Stories do not count towards the 4 required posts each month)
  • One of the 4 photos will be a required post that we send out monthly
  • Must tag @wakesurfstyle and include these hashtags #wakesurfstyle in the caption of the photo.
  • You must take clear, quality pictures showcasing Wakesurf Style apparel, and agree to the use of your photos across our social media platforms, websites and other advertising purposes
  • While we understand we are not the only Wakesurf apparel and accessories company, our hopes are that our Brand Ambassadors are passionate about Wakesurf Style. 
  • You must agree not to abuse the discount on purchases. Your personal discount is to be used for yourself and your nuclear family only
  • You must follow @wakesurfstyle as well as the Wakesurf Style Facebook Page
  • You must be responsive to emails when we are in communication with you
  • You must review all purchases you make on our website
  • We reserve the right to terminate the agreement without notice if the brand rep does not adhere to all the rules stated above.