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Peek into Wakesurf Style: Who is Wakesurf Style

Wakesurfing - Our passion and yours!

Wakesurf Style is located in the Pacific Northwest and founded by people who can't think of doing anything better than grabbing a wakesurf board, heading out on the lake with family and friends, and surfing an endless wave. Some of us are transplants from the east coast and really got into wakesurfing when we moved to the PNW.

We started our wake journey in New England wakeboarding behind a 16ft Sea Ray but in the PNW wakeboats were much more prevalent so we switch to a Malibu Sunsetter outfitted for wakeboarding with tower and wedge. As we progressed we upgrade to an '04 Mastercraft XStar. That re-design of the XStar is widely considered one of the top wakeboard boats of all time.

After years of wakeboarding and many spectacular crashes, we came upon wakesurfing. About 7 yrs ago with no idea what we were doing, added 1100lbs of extra ballast on the XStar and tried to sink the port side of the boat (as many of you know the XStars back then were made to throw a phenomenal wakeboard wake so the hull is engineered for the perfect equal wake on both sides, making it hard to get a good surf wave).

Our crew road a huge Inland Surfer Red Rocket because the size of the board made it easier to free ride the smaller wave. We struggled to stay in the small surf wake but had so much fun we kept going and never looked back. The next boat was a Mastercraft X25 with Gen2 surf system. We enjoyed not having to fill the ballast on the seats and the computer control wake. From there we progressed to Centurion which is our current ride but there are so many other great wakesurf boats, which we experience riding with friends and family.

You can read more about wakesurf boards and what we use in the blog:

Peek into Wakesurf Style: Wakesurf Board Types And What We Ride

We created the Wakesurf Style products for us and our customers to express our passion for the sport of wakesurfing.  It is a sport the whole family can participate in.  Our goal is to make wakesurf apparel for our customers to show their passion for the sport.

We hope you enjoy our product offerings and it is always great to hear from other wakesurf enthusiasts. You can contact us at info@wakesurfstyle.com or our Contact Us page.

So surf's up, go catch the endless wave!

-Wakesurf Style Team

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