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Peek into Wakesurf Style: Wakesurf Board Types And What We Ride

Wakesurf boards are fundamental to wakesurfing so choosing the right one is important. At Wakesurf Style, we started out using a larger beginner type board but have since progressed to custom-made boards. Traditionally there have been two main styles of wakesurf boards to choose from: Surf and Skim.  But what are the differences between these two?

Surf vs Skim wakesurf style boards

Surf – This is the most popular style and fashioned after the traditional surf boards you would see at the ocean but smaller in stature.  The surf style board is usually easier to ride and are longer than other types of wakesurf boards.  Their popularity is due in part to this style offer more stability, easier to catch waves, and generates speed quicker.  Surf style wake leverages the full wave for doing snaps, carves, ollies and aerials. This is the style board most beginners should start with.

Skim – This is a playful wakesurf style board and in a lot of cases easier to start doing tricks.  This type of board is a little shorter, thinner, and wider than a traditional wakesurf board.  Skim style boards are more conducive for doing surface-oriented tricks such as spins, airs, and shove-its.  They are more target at intermediate to advanced riders that are already comfortable wakesurfing.

Hybrid or Freestyle Twin

This is a newer type of board that has gained popularity in the last several years.

Hybrid - The goal of this style board is to combine the playful nature of the skim type board with the surf and responsive feel of a surf style board to offer the rider the best of both worlds. This board style is an option for wakesurfers not yet sure of what they want and offerers a little bit of everything.

But what do we ride at Wakesurf Style?

Here at Wakesurf Style, you can usually find us riding a surf style board.  But we usually keep a skim board on the boat for times we are out on the water and feeling more playful (mostly after our first sessions of the day).

We are currently working on getting a new Wakesurf Style branded board custom.  This will be specially designed for the Wakesurf Style team members and engineering specifically for how we ride. Look for more info on this and keep track of its progress in future blogs!

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