Wakesurf Style Team Riders - Draft

Wakesurf Style Team Riders share our passion for wakesurfing, compete internationally and are great representatives of our brand.  Meet our team:

Keith Pohl - CWSA Masters Men Surf

Keith lives on Lake Wylie, SC, with his wife – no kids, pets, or anything else they have to feed/water, unless you count the ever-thirsty Supra SL.

An avid tennis player, Keith has always been fit and active but didn’t start wake surfing until 2015 when he was in his 40s. That year, a friend talked Keith into going out with him on a “Wake Surf Wednesday,” and he's never looked back.

Keith was fortunate enough to meet a local pro who taught him good fundamentals and encouraged him to develop his repertoire. In 2018, that same pro (and now good friend) convinced Keith to travel to his first CWSA event in Georgia where he placed 1st in Amateurs.

The following year, he made a commitment to compete more regularly, but a torn ACL sidelined him for over 12 long months. After coming back, he's now competed in 3 divisions: Amateurs, Outlaw (semi-pro), and now Masters (45+). In 2021, Keith finished third at the CWSA World Championships and second overall for the season.

In addition to competitive wake surfing, Keith loves introducing new people to the sport. When not on a boat, he also enjoys hiking, grilling, hobbyist bartending, and a little pickleball. 
Keith Pohl Instagram
Keith Pohl

Evan Feierabend​ - CWSA Pro Men Surf

Evan started wakesurfing in 2012.

Before that he was wakeboarding and saw some friends wakesurfing and thought it was cool and tried it. He was quite hooked the first day but still kept wakeboarding. After a few months Evan realized he really enjoyed wakesurfing more and also saw it as an up and coming sport that he could push and get into.

In 2013 Evan was determined to get better at it so he quit wakeboarding altogether and bought a wakesurf specific boat.  He purchased a 2003 Centurion Avalanche, did a lot of research on it and weighed it heavily to one side and began surfing every opportunity he had.

In 2015 Evan did his first local competition and enjoyed it but wanted to see more of the main circuit riders and what a real competition is like. So he registered for the CWSA Nationals event in Calaway Gardens. Evan was blown away with the vibe and scene of the competition. Also, watching others and their style and tricks made him want to push harder.

So in 2016 Evan registered as a full CWSA member in Amateur Men's surf. He ended that season in 2nd place and advanced to Semi-Pro for the 2017 season. In 2017 Evan was signed on to the Soulcraft wakesurf team and went on to place 2nd place for the season and advance to the Pro league in 2018.

Evan continues to compete in the Pro class and looks to inspire others to advance themselves in the sport he loves, Wakesurfing. 

Evan Feierabend Instagram

Evan Feierabend

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